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Battery Charger 12V 750 mA - 3 Stage Universal Fit

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“ 12 Volt Battery Charger ”

- Advanced Battery Charging System -

12V 750mA

Output Logic Controlled

3 Stage Lead Acid Battery Charger


Fully automatic battery charger designed to provide a quick and economical means to recharge and maintain a battery at a proper voltage without damaging effects caused by the “trickle chargers”.


Perfect for motorcycles and engine start batteries commonly used in power sports equipment.  Various charging algorithms are available to accommodate and maintain a wide range of lead acid battery styles from flooded, sealed, maintenance free, VRLA and Gel to AGM.


A battery with longer life and less maintenance that is always ready to go when you are!!!


Automatically complete 3-step Constant Current Charging Program:


  1. Qualification: ensures safety by verifying battery status prior to charging
  2. Bulk Charge: raises battery voltage to 14.4 VDC (12 volt model)
  3. Float Charge: maintain fully charged battery at 13.2 VDC (12 volt model), when battery voltage drops below 12.6 VDC (12 volt model), charger resumes charging back to 14.4 VDC (12 volt model).


ü      Excellent for motorcycles that do not get ridden enough, to keep them charged

ü      3 Step Intelligent battery charging program

ü      Solid state two colour LED indicates state of charger

ü      Reverse Polarity Protection (“Short Circuit”) to ensure user safety

ü      Spark Proof

ü      Prolonging the battery’s life span

ü      Can be permanently connected and will keep battery ready to go

ü      Overcharge / Overheat protection

ü      Fire retardant plastic casing

ü      Direct 240volt wall “plug in” (Australian style)




  • Mains charger for all types of smaller 12V lead acid batteries
  • Maintenance charger for small to medium capacity 12V lead acid batteries
  • Ideal for use with security, stationary devices, small-medium vehicles, electric start mowers, jetski’s




  • 58mm




  • 83mm




  • 50mm




  • 450g




  • 12V 750mA fully automatic 3 stage lead acid battery charger with complete 3 step constant current charging!!!
  • Perfect for a wide range of lead acid battery styles from flooded, sealed, maintenance free, VRLA and Gel to AGM
  • Although they often appear to be a better economic choice for the typical consumer, “trickle chargers” do not have the advantage of sophisticated microprocessor electronic control.  What appears to be a cost saving for the customer at the time of purchasing their “trickle charger”, it may actually cost several times the charger price in replacement batteries.  This is the difference between this battery charger and other 2 step lead acid chargers!!!




  • 1 x 3 step battery charger with 305cm (12 foot) lead
  • 1 x “permanent connection lead”
  • 1 x “alligator clip lead”




  • 3 years


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