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The MOTORSPORT LIFESTYLE™ concept holds the SPIDI brand’s traditional mission. The steady effort in improving the quality of motorcycling is not limited to safety, comfort and ergonomics anymore.  In the past, the success of a product was essentially bonded with its capacity to satisfy motorcyclists’ needs: protection against cold, rain, wearing, along with its handiness and functionality.


Nowadays, the same evolution of consumers’ society elevated individual expectations towards new kind of products whose essence is codified in the product/design/communication mix.


Spidi is the top motorcycle clothing producer on the planet.  Spidi is based in the province of Vicenza in northern Italy and the company started making leather clothing in 1977.  To this day the company remains family owned and run.  The company puts a great deal of love and care into their products and takes pride in their high level of attention to detail.


Spidi works to three main principles; design, comfort and safety.  The Spidi philosophy is to produce high performance technical clothing that offers exceptional safety, performance, protection and comfort whilst being easy to use.  They are world leaders in producing the most technically advanced motorcycle apparel available.  Their world leading air bag vest, jacket and suits are second to none!!!


The Spidi range of motorcycle clothing has Italian style and the quality and technical excellence of the best Northern European brands in the world.  Spidi puts a great deal of love and care into every product, manufacturing each item to exacting standards.  Every Spidi product is created and developed in Italy.  Spidi use bovine leather sourced and tanned locally to their headquarters in Italy to ensure that their products have the best quality and finish, required by the high performance products.


Spidi have one of the largest ranges of motorcycle technical wear with products for every style of riding and for every atmospheric condition.  The range includes protective Kangaroo leather suits for track riders, textile jackets for scooter riders, gloves for winter and summer, body armour and thermal garments, to name a few.


The Spidi motorcycle range incorporates the latest fabric and safety technologies to ensure every garment offers the very best protection and performance.  Working with the Japanese company Toray for over ten years, Spidi has developed their H2OUT membrane which is waterproof, windproof and breathable, offering maximum comfort.  Spidi has also developed ventilation systems for comfort, step-in clothing systems for ease of use, reflective inserts for improved safety and abrasion resistant fabrics for increased protection.


Spidi Safety Lab - Spidi have their own safety laboratory near their headquarters in northern Italy.  Here they test their products to ensure they meet European standards and create high performance body armour for their motorcycle clothing.  The Spidi Safety Lab has a team of experts with a commitment to combining Spidi design with advanced safety solutions.  The Spidi team is involved in an international research programme with an aim to increase safety standards for motorcycle riders.  Spidi are actively involved in setting industry standards for motorcycle protective wear.  By using information from racing experiences and mapping of physical injuries of riders involved in motorcycle accidents, the research team can develop leading protective wear.


View the Spidi safety lab videos to see how Spidi test their protectors.  Please note video includes flashing graphics.


Spidi on track - Spidi is heavily involved in the world of MotoGP, World Superbikes, AMA Superbikes, BSB Superbikes, etc… and provides protective racewear for top Moto GP and Superbike riders.  The Spidi range includes items that are identical to those being used on the race track.  Spidi do not reduce the performance levels for their consumer market, instead they ensure that the quality and performance available to their MotoGP and Superbike riders is also available to motorbike riders everywhere.  Spidi have on track support for Spidi racers riders at every race incase the riders need adjustments or repairs.


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