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Motorcycle luggage by Ventura is renowned around the world for premium quality and huge range of options that cater for all touring, commuting and sports motorcyclists. Ventura have been designing and manufacturing products to carry luggage on touring, commuting and sports motorcycles - a hassel free experience for over 25 years.

Ventura manufacture soft motorcycle luggage systems
As always, these products are made to high standards of quality, including PVC laminated ballistic fabric or Kodra PVC reinforced fabric construction, to provide long and durable service life as well as pleasing looks.  Below is a list of the different motorcycle luggage variants.
Bike-Pack System
Complete Bike-pack kit system model list, includes part numbers and prices.
Seat bags
Tank bags
Inner liners for OEM panniers
Throwover panniers
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Ventura Motorcycle bags the Bike-Pack System
The Ventura Bike-Pack system is world renowned for value and quality. All of Ventura's motorcycle luggage kits are individually engineered for each model.

The Ventura system offers unprecedented versatility.  The frame that holds the pack (known as a Pack-Frame or Pack-Rack) can be removed in a few seconds, you can mount a Grab-Handle instead or the smaller Sports-Rack. The bags themselves are available in a variety of sizes, colours and styles.  All Ventura's bags are made from top quality materials for extended life and durability.  All in all, a very well thought out piece of kit for motorcyclists who like to travel well equipped.
The Ventura Bike-Pack System luggage is sold in kit form, so you have everything you need in one box to get your luggage on board and hit the road in no time. There are six motorcycle bags or kits available.

n.b. Pricing is the same regardless of motorbike model. The motorbikes shown here are only to represent the Bike-pack system kits and show current pricing.
The designers and engineers at Ventura have put plenty of thought into the design to offer you a motorcycle luggage system that helps with mass centralization by carrying the load as close to the center of the bike as possible (especially when riding solo). It also distributes the load along the bike center-line. Having the luggage positioned in this way also reduces wind resistance, which helps maintain handling and maneuverability of your bike and helps maintain its street appeal.
Touring Kits
This is serious motorcycle luggage carrying clobber. Touring kits consist of L-Brackets and mounting hardware to mount the kit to your bike, a Pack-Frame and a Touring Pack (bag). Touring kits offer excellent versatility with both the metalwork attached to your bike as well as the actual bags themselves. Firstly, you have an array of bags to choose from to suit your carrying needs as well as the standard Ventura accessories for when you want to carry less (Sports-Rack) or want to carry nothing and just use a Grab-Handle.
Motorcycle Bags
  • Ventura motorcycle bags feature most or all of the following features:
  • PVC laminated ballistic fabric or Kodra PVC reinforced fabric construction
  • Reflective safety triangles
  • External pockets/compartments
  • Internal pockets
  • YKK zips
  • Additional carry handles
  • Built-in shoulder straps (Suzuka and Aero-Spada only)
  • Polypropylene inserts for rigidity
  • Bound internal seams
  • Security D-rings
Please note that although Ventura motorcycle bags are made from waterproof materials, the bag stitching and zips are not waterproof.  Ventura have a range of heavy-duty storm covers for keeping your bags water-tight.  There are separate shoulder straps available for the Aero-delta and Rally-Euro as they do not come with them standard like the Suzuka and Aero-Spada.  Wide, padded and strong, shoulder straps will make lugging your gear more civilised.
Note: Aero-Delta & Aero-Spada bags can zip back to back over the Pack-Frame to provide up to a huge 102 litres of capacity (2 x P0651).  Most bags are available in black, navy blue or red.
But what if I want to buy a Touring Kit and I already own a Pack?
No worries.  We have the Parts-kit for just this purpose, it contains the L-brackets, Pack-frame and mounting hardware but no pack.  If you own a Ventura brand pack we offer a loyalty discount of $50.00 off the RRP.  To redeem the loyalty discount cut 1/3 off the internal label from inside the Ventura pack and present it to your dealer when you place your order.  An internal bag label is good for several portions, which means that you can purchase two more Parts-kits at the reduced price.
Sports Kits
The entry-level luggage kit.  Sports kits consist of L-Brackets and mounting hardware to mount the kit to your bike and a Sports-Rack for carrying stuff.  This kit is good for carrying small amounts of luggage.
Note: There is no bag supplied with a Sports Kit, however, Ventura have the funky 10 litre Sports-Pack just for it.
Ventura do not recognise, accept or endorse using any other makers' bags with their luggage systems. Using non-Ventura bags on a Ventura Bike-pack system will void warranty on the entire system.

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